Hours and Directions


Monday 1 PM - 8 PM
Tuesday 1 PM - 8 PM
Wednesday 1 PM - 8 PM
Thursday 1 PM - 8 PM


The MPCRL is located in Room 2140 in the Biology-Psychology Building (Building 144) on the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park. Metered parking is available in the Union Lane Garage. The Building is a short walk from either the Union Lane Garage or the Stamp Student Union bus stop.


All directions below take you to the main entrance of campus on Campus Drive off US Route 1. Note that on the side of Route 1 opposite the main campus entrance, Campus Drive is named Paint Branch Parkway.


Parking on campus typically costs $3.00 per hour. Please plan to pay $6.00 for two hours of parking for each visit. This will allow time for walking to and from the clinic, your session, and completing the measures. Note that Regents Drive Garage (Lots B, RR, and 5), which is very close to the clinic, is free after 4 p.m.

Visitor Parking Map

Regents Drive Garage (Free Parking after 4pm)

  1. Enter campus from US Route 1 onto Campus Drive.
  2. Make a right at the traffic circle (big M in the middle of the circle) onto Regents Drive.
  3. Turn left at the stop sign onto Fieldhouse Drive.
  4. You should see the entrance to the parking garage on your right.
  5. After parking, go up to the 3rd floor of the garage and exit out onto the walking bridge which goes over Fieldhouse Drive.
  6. Continue straight.
  7. The large building to your right is the Biology-Psychology Building.
  8. Once the sidewalk opens up, turn right and proceed to the main entrance to the building, which is directly underneath the large words “Biology – Psychology” on the building.

Union Lane Garage

  1. Enter campus from US Route 1 onto Campus Drive.
  2. Keep straight around the traffic circle (big M in the middle of the circle) and at the first Stop sign you will see the Biology-Psychology building on your right, directly across an open mall.
  3. At the next stop sign you will see the Stamp Student Union on your right.
  4. Turn right at the stop sign and make a quick left into the Union Lane Garage.
  5. Exit the garage onto Union Lane, walking up the hill, keeping the Student Union building on your left.
  6. Take a left at the intersection with Campus Drive, and continue partway down the hill until you see the Biology-Psychology Building on your left, directly across an open mall.
  7. Proceed to the main entrance to the building, which is directly underneath the large words “Biology – Psychology” on the building.


  1. Once inside the building, go through the grey double-doors on the right.
  2. Once through the doors, make an immediate left and proceed down the hallway.
  3. Continue to the elevators on the right-hand wall.
  4. Take the elevator to the second floor.
  5. Exit the elevator to the right and continue down the hallway.
  6. Room 2140 will be on the left.


  1. Walk past the elevators to the stairwell on your right.
  2. Walk up to the second floor.
  3. Exit the stairwell and turn right and the MPCRL will be on your left in Room 2140.


The College Park Metro Station is the stop just before the Greenbelt Metro Station, which is the end of the Green line.

UM Shuttle from Metro Stop

Turn left and walk along the sidewalk until you see a sign for the 104 UM Shuttle. Shuttles to and from the main campus are free of charge; they loop between the main campus Regents Drive Parking Garage and the College Park metro station approximately every 10 minutes. Board the 104 Shuttle headed towards the main campus (ask driver to verify). Exit at the Regents Drive bus stop. As you leave the bus, cross the crosswalk straight ahead to the other side (The Parking Garage should be to your right now) and then take a right and walk straight ahead until you see the side of the Biology-Psychology building. You will see two Dumpsters and a small parking lot area. You will see a sign in white saying "Biology Psychology Building" and some stairs. Proceed up the stairs into the entrance of the ground floor of the Biology-Psychology Building, take the stairs (Which will be located on the right hand side once you come in) or elevator (Walk straight pass the two doors and the elevator will be on the left hand side near two vending machines) up to the 2nd floor. Once on the 2nd floor turn right and proceed. You will see 3 chairs outside the hallway, walk past the chairs and enter room 2140.