The Maryland Psychotherapy Clinic and Research Lab offers low fee counseling and psychotherapy services for adults. The clinic fills a need for mental health services in Prince George's, Montgomery County, and Washington DC.

An increasing number of people find psychotherapy to be a valuable tool in helping them find an answer to the various difficulties they have in living. Unfortunately, due to financial reasons, many people can not get the help that they need. The Maryland Psychotherapy Clinic and Research Lab provides an opportunity for those who want psychotherapy services and cannot afford it otherwise. The fee charged per 45-minute session is $50, and we consider a sliding scale depending on client need (compared to the going rate for private therapists of $125 to $200 per hour).

This clinic provides individual high-quality psychotherapy to community residents who experience difficulties in areas such as relationship problems, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, meaning in life, and troubling dreams or nightmares. The services are offered by advanced doctoral students with considerable experience and skills in the mental health field. These therapists-in-training are supervised by licensed psychologists with more than 20 years of experience. There is no limit to the number of sessions that clients can receive.

We operate from a psychodynamic-interpersonal perspective, which means we believe that the role of a therapist is to help the client understand the underlying reasons for behaviors, problems, thoughts, and feelings. This approach often include talking about childhood, interpersonal relationships, and emotions. It focuses on establishing a good relatiosnhip between therapist and client, and working on problems that arise in the therapeautic relationship.

We do not offer services for specific behavior problems (e.g panic disorder, substance abuse). People currently in psychotherapy with another therapist are not eligible to participate. Clients must be over 18 years of age.

Besides receiving psychotherapy services, all clients participate in a research project aimed at studying the effectiveness of psychotherapy. For the research, clients complete questionnaires before and after therapy, as well as after each session. In addition, all sessions are videotaped and they will remain confidential and only be used for research and supervisory purposes.

For more information and a brief screening interview, call 301-405-5820 or email mpcrl@umd.edu. In case of emergency, call 911 or go to the emergency room of your local hospital.